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Meet Dimitra and Dimitris, your local bike tour & walking guides!

Meet Dimitra, Yummy Pedals' founder & guide

Although a country girl at heart (Mykonian blood is running through my veins after all), I was born and raised in Athens. My studies at the faculty of Translation (explaining the fluency in English, French, Spanish and Turkish) led me to the beautiful island of Corfu, before starting working in a software company in Chania. The years spent in Chania gave me the opportunity to further explore not only the natural beauties of Crete, but also my passion for outdoor activities, like mountaineering, caving, canyoning, swimming and of course cycling.

As I was trying to discover more adventurous ways of traveling, it was revealed to me that the combination of my bike, my dog and my hammock offered me unlimited freedom and unique experiences. This was the first spoke in setting the wheels of Yummy Pedals in motion, my biking adventures company in Mykonos, my grandfather’s birthplace.

I will be delighted to meet you, ride or hike with you and share my enthusiasm, knowledge and love for this blessed island with you.

Meet Dimitris, Yummy Pedals' guide & mechanic

My friends say that I have a crankset and a cassette instead of a brain. That's because I always think and breathe as a cyclist. Not only as a hobby and a way of living, but also as an activist. Being an active member of cycling advocacy groups, both in Athens and my hometown Kalamata, my vision is that one day bicycles will replace cars as a main way of sustainable transportation and commuting.

Then I met Dimitra... and the spark became a flame! Now cycling is not just my hobby, but also a job that I love. My vision has expanded to introducing the pleasure of cycling tours to as many people as possible and promoting my belief that the best way to enjoy the beauties of Greece and any foreign country is by bike. Oh... I forgot to mention that I am a mechanical engineer and trained bicycle mechanic, so I make sure that all the Yummy Pedals bikes are in tip top condition.

Feeling ready to share my passion and enjoy Mykonos by bike or hiking?

Hey! Ho! Let's go!