Difficulty level: 2 / 5
Duration*: 6 hours
Riding time: hours
Distance: 6 km (3,73 miles)
Price per person: 320€**

Our private VIP hiking & wine tour aims at participants experiencing the other side of Mykonos in its pure and untouched form.

An ideal, fun, informative and senses-capturing combination of a private, customizable hiking tour and a wine & food tour, addressing your wishes and fitness level, your culinary explorations desire and your sense of wonder. All mentioned services and activities are curated by your local guide seamlessly, offering a memorable mosaic of impressions.

Different options of trails, distances and difficulty levels may be offered to meet your hiking expectations, whereas the private vineyard tour and lunch with wine tasting at the organic farm offer the perfect closure to the day’s activities.



Since this is a custom tour, the route is decided in coordination with you, in order to both meet your expectations and physical condition and to take under consideration the current climatic conditions. All suggested trails serve the purpose of revealing you the authentic Mykonos with its traditions, its unique, untouched, virgin beaches, its rural, wild, shaped by the winds and the waves landscapes and its flora.

A hidden, unspoiled, almost private beach will be our hike’s destination.

At the beach, depending on the walking pace, the chosen route and the activities as well, we have time to rest and enjoy the mesmerizing Aegean Sea waters. During the beach break we offer you homemade organic lemonade and a traditional dessert and allow you free time to enjoy your optional beach activities -depending also on the weather: swimming, underwater photo shooting, sunbathing and beach photography.

On our way back, the hike up the hill, although more demanding, will recompense you with the uniqueness of the landscape and the sparkling waters of the beach (which we left behind) at the sun’s glare. Depending on your wishes and if you are more action inclined, we can extend the hiking activity while reducing the lunch and wine tour duration i.e. the time spent at Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm and Vineyard.



Having now arrived at the peaceful setting of the historic vineyard, at the end of this hiking tour, it is time to shake off the dust and fatigue and indulge yourselves in the pleasures offered by Greek hospitality.

Traveling is, among others, related to each destination’s food culture and culinary heritage, this is why your lunch at the farm consists of local flavors from Mykonos and the Cyclades and traditional tapas, accompanied by the organic vineyard’s house wines. The traditional products tasting is enriched with a narrative on these products’ significance for the local economy and households.

A private tour of the vineyard may be offered after lunch, focusing on the wine maker’s interesting story, the biodynamic cultivation method, the local grape varieties, the structure of a traditional farmstead and a visit to our farm animals’ pens for photo shooting and hand feeding.


During the hiking tour free WiFi access is offered, enabling you to instantly post your adventure's photos and stories!

Finally, we offer free transfer from your accommodation and back, so from the moment we pick you up till your hiking & foodie adventure is over, we have it all figured out for you. 

Note: The fee for hiking children aged up to 12yo is 270€/child.
The minimum fee to organize this tour for one participant is 515€.

For a detailed itinerary and other information, please fill our booking form or contact us at

* Total duration including preparation - bike tour - beach break - relaxation/stretching
** Homemade lemonade, bottles of water and a snack will also be offered. Additionally all photos or videos will be sent free of charge after the tour.

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