Level of difficulty: 4 / 5
Duration*: 4 hours
Riding time: 2 hours
Distance: 13 km (8,08 miles)
Price per person: 70€**

The breathtaking natural landscapes, as viewed from the mountainside, promise a delightful, but very challenging, cycling tour. Its technical characteristics: extensive climbing, steep slopes and a rough & loose gravel road all the way down the mountain (where you will partly need to walk). Yet the route is very scenic and the beaches of Myrsini and Fokos will soothe you with their inviting blue waters. As we return home from a different route, we pass by the reservoir of Ano Mera and stop at a family-owned church for an insight into our religious tradition.

Route facts:
Total distance: 13.1 km (8.14 mi), Elevation gain: 270 m (886 ft), Max elevation: 151 m (495 ft)

* Total duration including preparation - bike tour - beach break - relaxation/stretching

** Homemade lemonade, bottles of water and a snack will also be offered, whereas the underwater photos or videos will be sent free of charge after the tour.

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