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Picnic at the beach tour

Level of difficulty: 2 / 5
Duration*: 5 hours
Riding time: 1-1,5 hours
Distance: 10 km (6,21 miles)
Price per person: 85€**

This tour's innate ability to make you feel like a native, as you swim at the non-touristic beach of Fokos and indulge into the genuine culinary treasures of Mykonos, makes it the most popular bike tour of Yummy Pedals! It is indeed the ideal tour for culinary explorers who look for an easy-to-cycle outdoor activity.

The local delicacies of Mykonos are directly linked to its history and tradition. This tour invites you to both taste and learn the culinary tradition of our island. And don't forget one of the highlights of this tour: the local wine, produced by Mykonos Vioma organic farm!

The destination beach of Fokos, where we set our picnic, is an easily reachable, beautiful landscape. During the tour we will encounter some hilly terrain, but the leisurely nature of this ride will give you all the time needed to conquer these medium difficulty slopes at your own pace.

The relaxing time spent at the beach, the insight into our culinary tradition, the quality of the wine and the freshness of the local delicacies will certainly not disappoint you.

* Total duration including transportation - preparation - bike tour - beach break - relaxation/stretching

** Transfer from/to Mykonos town, the new port or Ano Mera village is included. Additionally, during our beach break homemade lemonade and a snack will be offered, whereas the underwater photos or videos will be sent free of charge after the tour

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