Level of difficulty: 3 / 5
Duration*: 4 hours
Riding time: 2 hours
Distance: 15 km (9,32 miles)
Price per person: 60€**

An ideal tour for the explorers of Mykonos’ cultural and natural heritage.

We first cycle at the rural part of the island –some off-road also, through a short single track- in Ano Mera, before visiting a family church, which will give us the opportunity to interpret Mykonos’ local traditions, typical landscapes and religious customs.

The village of Ano Mera welcomes us next with its traditional whitewashed cubic houses and its central square, where all the folklore events take place. The monastery of Virgin Mary Tourliani will impress you with its richly adorned iconostasis and its small but very interesting museum, whereas at the welcoming shade of a tree on the square we can take a short rest. Then we will cycle down to Fokos beach for a pleasant encounter with the Aegean Sea’s crystal clear waters or even a short hike along the cove. On our way back to the vineyard, we get challenged by the hill of Fokos and then follow a different route to reach our ending point.


Mykonos is hilly, so this tour has its share of -thankfully short- hilly parts. If you are intimidated by the inclines, you may also consider the option of renting an e-bike, i.e. a motor-assisted mountain bike smoothening your pedalling and helping you conquer all terrain.

Route facts:
Total distance: 14.9 km (9.2 mi), Elevation gain: 184 m (604 ft), Max elevation: 100 m (328 ft)

* Total duration including preparation - bike tour - beach break - relaxation/stretching

** Homemade lemonade, bottles of water and a snack will also be offered, whereas the underwater photos or videos will be sent free of charge after the tour.

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