Hiking Tours

A meaningful way to experience Mykonos!

For the nature and outdoor activities loving visitors of Mykonos, as well as the motivated, exercise-driven guests, we offer guided hiking tours at the unspoiled parts of the island.
Our easy-to-join and family-friendly walking tours are designed with the part-time hikers in mind, for whom the priority lies in both enjoying the hike, as well as the breath-taking views at a relaxed pace, the photo shooting, the swimming and the storytelling.

Whilst the focus is on walking and discovering the hidden gems of Mykonos, there is ample time to swim or sunbathe at unspoiled beaches, have a small picnic with homemade lemonade and traditional dessert and appreciate the local knowledge shared by the walking guides. At the end of our hikes our participants can even soak up the ambience and hospitality at the historic vineyard of Ano Mera.

The hiking activity’s pace allows guests to capture all stimuli, thus engaging all five senses and better appreciating the experience.
In a nutshell, while not challenging our participants’ bodies with our gentle hikes, we aim at challenging their spirits and curiosity for Mykonos!

Hiking Mice - Mykonos Hiking Tours
We walk through the peaceful meadows of the valley of Maou in Ano Mera, observing the untouched landscape and the seasonal flora.

#1 VIP full-day adventure with Private Hiking & Wine Tour

Difficulty level: 2 / 5
Duration: 6 hours

An ideal, fun, informative and senses-capturing combination of a private, customizable hiking tour, addressing your wishes and fitness level, as well as of a wine & food tour at a historic vineyard, fulfilling your culinary explorations desire and your sense of wonder. A private vineyard tour and transfer services are also included.

#2 Aegean Tastes - Hiking & Picnic Private Tour

Difficulty level: 2+ / 5
Duration: 4 hours

Prepare for an extraordinary expedition, as we discover the enchanting landscapes of rural Mykonos during our hike and the flavors of luscious Aegean Sea products at a picnic set on a remote beach.

Gazing at the Aegean Sea on our Off the Beaten Path - Mykonos hike

#3 Off the Beaten Track hiking tour

Difficulty level: 2 / 5
Duration: 3 hours

A circular, senses stimulating hike at the unspoiled Mykonos!
The intriguing part of this tour is that we walk through donkey paths among meadows, having therefore the chance to witness the authentic landscapes and flora of the island.

For private and fully customizable tours, prices substantially vary.
In this case, please fill our Contact Form.

All our hiking tours start from and end at Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm,
offering you the chance to unwind with a wine tasting experience.