Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What services are included with your bicycle and hiking tours?

Included in our tours are the following services:

  • Bottles of water
  • Underwater photo shooting -weather & conditions permitting
  • Homemade lemonade and a snack during our beach break
  • First aid kit, carried along by your First Aid trained guide
  • An insight into locals’ everyday life and customs
  • A pleasant, leisurely and safe tour
  • Free use of Wi-Fi at the vineyard
  • The most friendly welcome by our farm’s animals: dogs, cats, our donkey Marika, our goat, chickens and turkeys

Additionally for the bike tours

  • Fully maintained and in excellent condition bicycles
  • Short tutorial (before the ride) over the use of mountain bike gears and handling directions throughout the whole tour if needed
  • Helmets and headbands for safety, hygiene and comfort (OBLIGATORY USE)
  • Repair tools, carried along by the guide

Q. I have trouble filling in the booking form! What should I do?

If, for any reason, you had trouble filling in the booking form, you may email directly Yummy Pedals' guides (Dimitra & Dimitris) at this email address:

The more information you provide us (i.e. number of participants, available dates, cycling level, interests etc) the more concise our communication will be.

It would also be very kind if you could report us the problem you have encountered, so that we can fix the technical issues!

Q. What is your deposit and cancellation policy?

A deposit stated to each tour's booking page has to be paid through a card payment link to finalize the booking. The remaining balance has to be covered in cash at the day of the tour.

The deposit will be fully refunded (minus any banking/card expenses) for cancellations occurring at least 3 weeks before the tour date. If the cancellation occurs 5-21 days prior to the tour date, 50% of the deposited fee is held. No refund of the deposit is made for cancellations with only 4 days’ notice or less. Tours take place even in rainy/windy/cold weather.

Fees are refunded (partly, having deducted credit card’s commission) only in the event 1) of cruise ship docking cancellation or 2) of adverse weather conditions; decision made by Yummy Pedals' staff. The refunds are generally paid within 14 days.

Yummy Pedals reserves the right to deny participation without refund, in the case that a rider does not have the necessary riding skills to safely complete the tour, wears unsuitable clothes/shoes for riding, refuses to wear helmet, does not follow the safety rules and the guide’s instructions or he/she is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Q. I want a relaxed bike tour. Is there something for me?

For those who mostly desire to explore the natural and cultural heritage of Mykonos, those who wish to discover an off the beaten path beach with crystal clear waters while leisurely wandering at the rural landscapes of the island, those who prefer only occasional encounters with hillsides, Yummy Pedals offers stress-free and child friendly tours addressed to participants of any riding level.

The easiest tours of all, addressed to families and non adrenaline junkies are Fokos and the Bike & picnic tours. 

Whereas, if you are interested in exploring both the cultural and natural attractions and your kids can pedal longer distances, the Authentic Mykonos tour is just right for you.

For toddlers we provide bike trailers, which can be attached to e-bikes, so that you do not need to worry about the extra weight and hills.

Q. I am an experienced and trained cyclist. Do you have a tour for me?

Yummy Pedals' bicycle tours are addressed to riders of all levels, from the timid novice to the confident downhill rider and action junkie.

If you love sweating up the hills, we have the right MTB tour for you: the Wind Turbine one, which will generously pay you back with bragging rights and amazing memories of your adventure in Mykonos!

It features changing landscapes; a breathtaking view from the wilderness of Moroergo mountain, some rough earth terrains, isolated beaches, steep inclines and the rewarding feeling of achievement.

Q. How can I enjoy a romantic tour with my partner?

Fall deeper in love as you take part in a fairy-tale bike ride.

Customized bicycle tours are offered to the romantic souls seeking to discover not only the romantic countryside up close, but also the highlight of this tour, Mykonos’ wine. Lanterns, blanket for the chilly evenings, some snacks accompanying the wine and complete privacy during your stay at the beach render the “Romantic bike ride at dusk” an unforgettable experience.

Not to mention the originality of a wedding proposal during a romantic cycling tour…

If you are not so much into night-time cycling, you might want to check the Bike & picnic tour instead, offering the chance to indulge in Mykonos’ traditional delicacies.

Finally our private VIP full day tour with e-bikes might be ideal for a special surprise and fun day!

Q. Which tour would you propose for a special celebration?

Dare to escape the ordinary and plan a wedding proposal, bachelorette party or birthday celebration during a bike ride.

Mykonos is an ideal celebrations and destination weddings island, but why not make your special moments even more adventurous and romantic at the same time?

The evening bicycle tour with lanterns and local wine by the beach guarantees the unique setting for an authentic private surprise to your other half.

Or, if you are a culinary explorer, what could be a better birthday surprise or a bachelorette party location than a picnic by the beach with traditional delicacies of the Cyclades and local wine?

We can plan together your perfect event and surprise...

Q. Can you customize a tour according to my needs?

The early bird catches the morning worm; planning your trip early will offer you the advantage of customizing your biking or hiking tour according to your group’s synthesis, your skills and, most importantly, your interests. Our goal is to offer a safe for all and unforgettable cycling or walking experience, so we do take into account the individuality of each group.

We do our best to offer you the best quality service, fitting your abilities and desires! You may be travelling with your other half and wanting to offer a romantic surprise; or celebrating a long lasting marriage anniversary; or traveling with your children and looking for kids’ appropriate outdoor activities; or planning an -out of the ordinary- bachelor party; or simply travelling to Mykonos for the culture, scenic landscapes, culinary treasures and pristine beaches. Share with us how you have envisioned your bike or hiking adventure and let's plan it together!

Q. Can our young children ride with us?

On Yummy Pedals rides you can bring along your kids and even your dog!

We can provide a seat (adjusted at the back of the bike) for a toddler aged 1-3, a trailer allowing the (2-9 year old) child  to pedal and actively participate or a conventional trailer fitting two kids 2-7yo, as well as children’s bicycles for all ages. Riding children must be able to ride a bicycle without training wheels and have the necessary skills to safely complete the tour.

Fokos beach tour or the bike & picnic tour are the easiest ones, addressed to families with children and presenting the least technical difficulties.

Q. I'm not much into cycling. Can I do a hiking tour instead?

At Yummy Pedals we offer easy-to-join and family-friendly guided hiking tours designed under the same ideas, principles and qualities as our cycling tours!

They are addressed to groups that prefer walking instead of cycling and want to discover the authentic Mykonos, visit unspoiled beaches and learn about our culture at a leisurely pace. During our hikes we follow quiet roads or traditional donkey paths to visit pristine beaches, where we give our participants ample time to swim or sunbathe and take instagrammable photos. Of course no one can say no to our famous homemade organic lemonade and to the Mykonian traditional dessert that we offer at the resting break!

Go ahead then! Put on your walking shoes, your hat and join our guided walking tour, in order to visit an unspoiled side of Mykonos that you haven't thought it exists!

Q. Why does Yummy Pedals offer a unique experience?

With Yummy Pedals you will travel in time as you will be encountering the fauna, rustic landscapes, traditional churches and pristine beaches of Mykonos away from the bustle of touristic places.

Υummy treats will be boosting your energy levels during your cycling or walking tour. Like mom’s homemade lemonade, which has become famous for its freshness and unparalleled taste!

Our guess is that, even if you own a waterproof camera, you probably never had before your personal underwater photographer committed to shooting the best holiday photos of your trip!

And, after all this sweat, these intense emotions, the interchangeable landscapes and feelings, you return home to an organic vineyard, where you can unwind by listening to classical music and tasting some of the best traditional products and wines that Mykonos’ earth is producing.

All the above combined make your Yummy Pedals ride or hike an unforgettable and worth bragging about experience.

Q. Which tours do you do per day and what time do they start?

We organize the tours of each day according to our guests requirements. This means that the first guests, who select and book a tour for a particular date, define that day's tour (first come first served) and the starting time.

Normally, we organise two day tours per date. We try to avoid the midday heat, so we usually start our morning tours around 9-10am and the afternoon ones around 3:30-4:30pm. Of course those hours can vary according to the climatic conditions of each season, the sunset time and any special requirements or time limitations of our participants. When we receive a booking request, by default we propose a morning tour. If you prefer an afternoon tour please let us know in the comments box of our booking form.

For the Romantic Ride at Dusk tour we specify the starting time according to the sunset time. Our aim is to arrive at the beach just before sunset and have the romantic picnic with candles and wine set up by the time it gets dark.

You can check our online calendar to see which tours we have planned per day.

Q. Which is the best way to relax after my tour?

Your cardiovascular system will be most grateful for the combination of clean air, exercise, friendliness, relaxation and… red wine!

All Yummy Pedals bicycle and hiking tours start from and end at Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm. It is a rural setting escaping the stereotypes one may have of Mykonos and allowing its guests to get lost in time and the landscape’s serenity while listening to classical music and sipping some quality wine.

Our small farm’s animals will give you the warmest welcome and it will be difficult resisting the fun of hand feeding our donkey, Marika, or giving a belly rub to our friendly dogs.

If you choose to have a wine and local products tasting experience, you will be rewarded by the freshness of materials and simplicity but excellence of tastes.

Q. At what languages are the bicycle and hiking tours offered?

As a fluent speaker of English and French and with my limited knowledge of Spanish and Turkish, I will surely do my best to break the language barriers and create a communication bridge, allowing me to offer you a better insight into our culture and traditions.

Official tours are offered in Greek, French and English.

I want you to feel at home, so this important goal is achieved by breaking the ice through friendliness and understanding to each ones’ needs.

Q. I love photography. Can I take photographs during my tour?

Outdoor activities offer the best memories.

During the bike or hiking tour you'll certainly be inspired and have many chances to shoot cool photos.

Not to mention that your tour leader will be transformed into a personal underwater photographer just for you (weather and conditions permitting), dedicated to shooting the best holiday photos of your trip to Mykonos!

Well, if the water is chilly for you to dive in, then we’ll make sure you have some fun pictures taken above ground, actually while flying on air or even performing some acrobatics!

Q. How can I meet the non-touristic Mykonos?

As your Mykonian tour guides, with our knowledge and love for our island we will do our best to offer you an excellent introduction to the very distinct characteristics that make Mykonos such a special and unique place.

Mykonos is a region which, despite the incredible -for such a tiny island- touristic growth, preserves its traditions. We strongly believe in the continuation of our local customs and so does Mr. Nikos, Dimitra's father, with his biodynamic cultivation of local varieties of grapes at his Mykonos Vioma vineyard.

Therefore, apart from offering an unforgettable outdoor activity we are also totally dedicated to our task as cultural and natural heritage interpreters. We love sharing our knowledge on the Mykonian architectural, religious and culinary tradition as we cycle or walk among Mykonos’ characteristic whitewashed cubic houses, family owned churches, isolated beaches and rural landscapes.

Q. We loved our Yummy Pedals tour. Which is the best way to spread the word?

First of all, thank you for your kind feedback!

Word of mouth is the best advertisement for our business, since it is genuine and honest.

A great boost though are the Google, Facebook and Trip Advisor reviews, accompanied by photos of your experience.

Here are the links, if you want to leave us your review:

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You may also feel like subscribing to our YouTube channel !

Finally, you will find Yummy Pedals' posts on InstagramTwitter, Tumblr  and Foursquare.

Q. Can I rent one of your bicycles?

In Yummy Pedals we have high quality and perfectly maintained mountain bikes. That is why we only provide our bicycles as part of our tour experience packages and they are not available for rental. Why don't you join one of our tours and cycle in Mykonos together with a local guide?