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Visiting a new destination? A guided bicycle tour is the best way to absorb it

Yummy Pedals Cycling Adventure

If you are planning your next holidays, or you has just arrived to your new destination you are probably searching for the best way to discover and learn about it. Many ideas and suggestions come to mind, but perhaps the most efficient and sustainable way to do that is by joining a guided bicycle tour!

We all remember how riding our bikes made as happy when we were children. It still does as adults, because cycling increases the level of serotonin –also known as the “happy hormone”- in the body. That level remains high throughout the day, giving that feeling of content and the after-glow of the cyclist, following a nice ride.

Riding a bicycle provides you with the opportunity to visit various places within a few hours, but still its slow pace gives you the time to absorb the surroundings and directly connects all your senses with the scenery. Views, sounds, smells, all nature’s vibrations, are fully absorbed, instead of filtered by a car’s window or covered by the noise of a scooter. That’s all fine, but what about the physical effort, some people ask. E-bikes have become very trendy the last few years, so there is probably the option of renting one. This way you can enjoy the aforementioned freedom, but without the sweat ;)

When you reach your holiday destination, you can rent a bike to explore it by yourself, with your travelling companions, or even better you can join a bicycle tour with a local guide. During the ride a bike tour guide can give information about the visited places and tell stories and secrets that guide books don’t include. They can also respond to questions and engage in fruitful conversations, allowing for participants to bond and create new friendships!

Of course cycling does not only make the visitors happy, but also the local environment. A bicycle runs by burning calories instead of petrol, creating zero carbon emissions. It also needs very few resources and reduces road congestion, making busy destinations more friendly and more enjoyable.

Cycle tourism has become very popular during the last years, that’s why nowadays there are thousands of available guided bicycle tours around the world. Most probably there are some at your next holiday destination and at this era of over-information it can be confusing to find the one that best meets your expectations. That is why our friends -and cycle tourism advocates- at Cycle Tours Global have done all the research and gathered most of the available bicycle tours worldwide in one place. Just have a look at their map, point on your next destination and explore the available options.

Have we persuaded you? Don’t hesitate then, book a guided cycling tour and put the fun between your legs during your holidays!