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RIP our loving, bright, affectionate, sweet angel!

A happy dog when being on a road trip with mom
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RIP our loving, bright, affectionate, sweet angel!

Marios, my life’s treasure and Yummy Pedals’ mascot dog, has left our world on the 2nd of January 2021, after struggling with his liver disease and blindness for months. He left peacefully at home while in his parents’ arms.

He will be missed by all his family (humans, dogs and cats alike) and during our bicycle tours, which he used to render so special with his playful and dynamic presence!

Such an active dog -always running by my bike, riding in his basket or travelling everywhere with me (England and Greece: Athens, Crete, Kythira, Anafi, Naxos, Ikaria, Mykonos, Kalamata, the North of Greece road trip, Skyros, Koufonisi) – did not want to continue living in darkness anymore without being able to enjoy the pleasures or running and communicating with his eyes.

Oh these eyes… mesmerizing every single person with their amazing sand-like color and communicative skills! He could speak through those eyes… During the last 10 months of his blindness I had been missing so much his intense looks, which reached the depths of my soul. And he did miss his old life for sure…

So he may have left early, only 9 years old, but he chose to go…


Two events I would like to mention, which had marked our relationship: our first meeting and my prophetic horror to his almost car accident.

I first saw Marios, when he was 4 months old, outside the ferry at the port of Souda, in Chania. He was begging for attention and affection by the travelers, roughly 20-30 meters away from me, when we exchanged glances. And that was it! Love at first sight! We both stayed frozen, looking at each other, without moving for I don’t know how long, until I took the decision to adopt him. And that was certainly one of the most important and happy decisions I have ever taken in my life.

The second incident that shows our special connection was 6 years ago. I was studying in Istanbul, therefore my parents were looking after Marios. One evening I was totally restless, having the feeling that something bad had happened to him. I couldn’t reach my parents on the phone and I spent all night worrying and crying. All night long! Next morning my parents video called me and Marios was as healthy as ever. Months later my father admitted that in the morning (after that prophetic night in agony from my side) Marios chased a cat and a car had almost hit him, passing right above him on the road!


Marios, a dog so much loved and even admired (he was the centre of attention at Yummy Pedals tours), has made this world a prettier and happier place.

He will always be in our hearts, riding with us, until we meet again.

RIP my love!