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Our freshness and authenticity signature: Yummy Pedals' delicious homemade lemonade

Quarantine creativity!

Homemade lemonade & homemade video production ;-)

Why do we trouble ourselves so much to squeeze all those lemons?
Because Yummy Pedals bicycle tours are so much more than just cycling! It is about communicating the beauties and hidden gems of Mykonos, as well as the culinary heritage of Greece, while offering quality services with personalised and Mykonos-oriented content. But most importantly it is about caring!

Caring that our cycling tour participants will never forget their Mykonos experience as witnessed through the prism of Yummy Pedals expertise!

* Our lemonade is served during our beach break at all our daytime cycling tours,in order to refresh our guests.

* The quantity of lemons seen in this video is around 1/4 of the total quantity we are using per season.

* Lemons derive from our Athens garden, our friends' gardens, our neighbours' gardens and anyone willing to exchange pesticides free organic lemons with some bottles of Paraportiano, Mykonos' organic wine ;-)