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Paraportiani church, the landmark of Mykonos
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At Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm you can have an authentic farm-to-table experience and taste the historic-monastery vineyard’s 4 house wines accompanied by traditional and organic products. You can also wander around, listening to classical music and enjoying the company of the farm’s pets (cats, dogs, a donkey, sheep, goats, rabbits etc), but also join the free vineyard tour and learn about the biodynamic cultivation method.

While at Mykonos, you can visit the municipal garden in the center of Mykonos town (a fantastic spot for relaxation, dinner and movies) and, in the evening, its unique open air cinema called Mantó. You will certainly walk and get lost inside the alleys winding through whitewashed cubic houses with colorful shatters and doors and forming a perfect labyrinth. Little Venice and the row of windmills are at the same side of "Hora" (Mykonos town) and one of the best spots for a sunset cocktail. Further away pay attention to Paraportiani, a complex of 5 small churches built together and resembling a single church, which is the landmark of Mykonos (located at the small hill above the Delos boats marine). Next to it is our folklore museum. If it is open, it is worth a visit. Mykonos was a poor rural/marine economy striving to survive and at the museum you get a better picture of its traditions. Mykonos has been inhabited since prehistoric times, so a visit to its archaeological museum will give you a better insight as well.

Ask the locals for Gioras’ 15th century wood bakery in the town, so as to get an idea of the old building style (the roof of the bakery with wood, seaweeds and calcium lime layers is a typical example) and get the feeling of freshly baked bread in the wood oven.

The art galleries scattered around Mykonos town and which are open until 1 or 2am are a great way to spend a nice evening walk.

We strongly suggest you take a guided tour to our unique archaeological park of Delos island, a UNESCO World Heritage site, located only half an hour boat ride away. It is a totally unique experience if you take a guided tour instead of just visiting the ruins, so here are my favorite guides’ emails: Antonis Pothitos or Amarilis Gripari at grypari_amar@yahoo.gr . Or you can also contact the agency delostours.gr

If you have an artistic flair or interest, you may also follow a mosaic lesson in the serenity of pur municipal garden with Irene: irenesyrianou@hotmail.com

Since you like action, you might as well enjoy a kayaking trip and explore Mykonos by sea as well.

Another activity can be the hop on-hop off water taxis transferring you from Platis Gialos to 5 beaches: Paraga, Elia, Paradise, Super Paradise and Agrari. A really fun way to spend the day beach hopping.

If you have a means of transportation, visit Armenistis, our lighthouse standing high on the rocks of Fanari region. It is the perfect setting for some wine sipping during sunset, so make sure you have bought a bottle of Paraportiano back at our vineyard.