Our freshness and authenticity signature: Yummy Pedals' delicious homemade lemonade

Quarantine creativity!
Making our delicious, organic, homemade lemonade & creating amateur videos ;-)

Yummy Pedals' girls having fun during their bicycle tour... with safety!

At Yummy Pedals we believe in both fun and safety!
We enjoy the rides together with our guests and cherish each moment of fun, without though forgetting the safety rules and obligations.

Petros, the iconic pelican of Mykonos

Mykonos is famous for various reasons, one of the most interesting ones being our pelican, Petros.

A new ride coming up...

Yummy Pedals' bike tour guides broadcasting our enthusiasm and love for cycling from the magical island of Mykonos!

Dream of your cycling adventure in Mykonos

Dimitris is enthusiastic about the new season and is making sure that all our bikes are in perfect working condition!